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which Osx86 10.4.3 version?


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First of all sorry for my poor english.

I´m running 10.4.3 build 1099 under vmware. It does everything I need so now I will try to do a native installation with that version. I have read all tutorials and I thnk that I have all drivers and information that I need but... I have a question about ati drivers.

I have a radeon 9550 and according to HCL it is suppossed to work modifiying some vendor and id information on 10.4.3 builds but in ALL 10.4.3 buils? other reports say that it is the 1111 build the one that really fits with radeon cards so:

Will I need some updated kext from 1111 build to my 1099 or it is unnecessary ? IF I need them: Are they compatibles? WHat files will I need and where can I get them from?


Thans in advance

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