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Creative CA0132 No Devices Detected

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Codec dump: http://pastebin.com/XDS2UMPS

System Report->Audio: http://pastebin.com/8nEtgfVH

OS Ver. 10.12

Using Vanilla AppleHDA: YES

AppleALC loaded before AppleHDA: YES

Processor: i7 4790k

Motherboard: Gigabyte G1.Sniper z97


I did the steps as mentioned on AppleALC github repo. Tested layout id 0 through 12, with only layout id 11 showing something in System Report->Audio->Intel High Definition Audio, yet nothing in devices nor in the Sound Output/Input (s). What should i do specially that my codec is supposed to be supported normally and even working with other people.


Any help will be appreciated as this is the 4th day trying to get the audio working properly.


NOTE: This is the only step remaining for a successful hackintosh on my PC, if audio works i will post all links and details about my system and how to get a fully working mac os sierra.

It is supposed to work. I have the same model that is supported by AppleALC even same vendor id you can look at the codec dump. There is a patched AppleHDA that actually worked but it has a white noise when idle problem. So i believe someone could help me get AppleALC to work. I'll really appreciate the help.


Note: Voodoo works but everything is bugged. No volume control, noise, distorted sound, only 1 port works.

yup, layout-id 11, i am using AppleALC 1.0.17 now and it works yet no volume control so apparently v1.0.18 is broken. yet i wanna get the volume control working because soundflower workaround result in popping and clicking (due to buffer size)

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