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Anyone know the Amiga? Yes, it was THE multimedia computer long before tha Mac and the PC could dream of it. However, Commodore had a very bad marketing and the went bankrupt in 1994. The operating system, AmigaOS, still exists in three branches:


- AmigaOS 4

- MorphOS



AmigaOS was formerly used on the 68000 - 68080 processors, than the German company Phase5 released the double-processor cards BlizzardPPC and CyberStormPPC with a PowerPC 603e and 604e, up to 240 MHz. Some new versions are programmed in PowerPC code now - sounds familiar.


AmigaOS 4 is proprietrary and runs on a few platforms, so it is uninteresting.


MorphOS had former its own PowerPC platform Pegasos II, now it works on ALL PowerPC Macs - from the Mac Mini to the PowerMac G5. It is proprietary and shares some code with AROS. It is mostly programmed in Assembler and aweseome fast. Some links to MorphOS:











So, Apple abandoned PowerPC Macs, but now the operation system of the Amiga brings them to new life... This video was produced with Amiga software and MorphOS on a PowerMac G5.



AROS is the most important port of all, because it's free and open source. The most common port is x86, but there are other platforms, also PowerPC and ARM. Some links to AROS:







Icaros Desktop




So, why I'm posting it here? AROS is working fine, but it lacks of developers. There is software, but no drivers. AROS is actually aimed at older computers, and that's bad. Mostly older Geforce cards support 3D graphics, I not got a GeForce 8400GS to get 3D support. ATI and Intel only support 2D. Intel HD Audio, LAN and WLAN are working. CPU functions like multicore and hyperthreading are not used at all.


Great ponential could have the ARM version. Because AmigaOS was based on the 68000, it didn't require much CPU power. For AROS it's the same. A good AROS port for ARM would be perfect for the use on tablets, it it is flashable. No big need for CPU power, no Google interfearence, no annyoing linux kernel with read/write permissions... with new software AROS could be a great operating system for fast tablets with low hardware specifications.


Perhaps some developers want to get a new challenge, learning to program a new OS from scratch. There will also nobody who always says that is illegal. So all can calm down ;-)





Greets, naquaada.

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