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Final Cut Pro HD

Martin Downer

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Got my system working (except sound, but that's soon) - all my apps are on.


Keynote and Pages seems a little weird, but i'm waiting for the delivery of iLife - which i'm told helps fix problems with iWork.


Anyway, Final Cut Pro HD installed, got the warning about AGP only - ignored.

Installed fine. Wouldn't open - because of AGP issue.


Quick google search - found the plist fix, edited that file - opened fine.


Brought in a file from the install CD. Put onto timeline. Scrubbed timeline - everything works fine.


Soon as I go to playback (Press play button, or space) the Program monitor turns orange, and doesn't play.


Tried in Full and Safe mode playback. Says dropping frames on Full mode.


Any suggestions?


Wouldn't mind benchmarking my machine to see where it could be improved, just don't know where i could do that or how though...




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