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SAPPHIRE R9 270X 4GB RAM Dual Monitor

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Sono riuscito ad abilitare tutte le 4 porte uscita video della scheda in oggetto descrita.

Ora e possibile usare es. dvi monitor e hdmi monitor (Dual) contemporaneamente


Ecco la sequenza numera (patch) da mettere sul config.plist clover



portatevi sulla voce "Kernel and Kext Patches" e inserite i seguenti numeri:


R9 270x 4GB


ATI Connectors Data : 00040000040300000001010112040202000400000403000000010201220503050400000014020000000103000000040400080000040200000001040011020101

ATI Connectors Patch: 00080000040200000001040011020103040000001402000000010300120403020400000014020000000102011000050600040000040300000001010121030204

ATI Connectors Controller: 7000

FB Name : Curacao XT

VRAM: 4.096

Video Port: 4

Inject ATI: Yes


R9 270x 2GB


ATI Connectors Data : 00040000040300000001030012040303000400000403000000010100110201010004000004030000000102002103020200040000040300000001040022050404000400000



ATI Connectors Patch:00040000040300000001030012040101000800000402000000010100220502030400000014020000000102001102030404000000140200000001040010000406000000000



ATI Connectors Controller: 7000

FB Name : Curacao XT

VRAM: 2.048

Video Port: 4

Inject ATI: Yes


L'unica cosa la scheda la riconosce "AMD Radeon HD 7xxx 4096 MB" male minore l'importante che funziona fullprofilo con le abilitazioni uscite video.

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