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10.4.7 (JaS) Laggs :(


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Hi all,


At first, i'm am very Happy that almost everything works fine.

MacVidia Grafix, my USB Storage, 1 Ethernet and so on..

I have some Problem with my AC97 but that isn't that important yet.


But my problem is that my Mac Os lags after some minutes..

When i scroll down with the mouse wheel the sites begin zu lag..

Now, for example everything seems to work without lagging :P

i hope that is not a big problem.


I have an Amd x2 DC and 4gb ram


i thought that the problem is my 28gb ide drive where mac is installed, because sata nforce4 didn't worked.


Nevertheless i'm am happy that it worked so good, and this is a great community :P


I find the most solutions with 'search' :) but for that i couldn't found yet.


btw: sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language


Greetings Juno

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mate, you have whats called the amd stutter effect,

its due to your dual core cpu running the cores at diff frequencies,

search for stutter on this forum arnd you will find answers,


there are two main ways to stop this problem,


opetion 1, add to your com.apple.boot.plist





this disables one core and makes your comp slower than it could be



it works

option 2, lower your frequency multiplier and up your hypertransport speed


this works, i use it on my amd x2 3800+ i would look at this thread

(http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=7405&hl=stutter&st=120) it tells you how to do this



can cook your computer if you screw it up,



you get both cpu's to use ... i did everything that thread said and yeh it works (except i didn't oc as much (hypertransport speed is 223mhz(its 200 stock) and the multiplier is now 9 ( was 10) so yeh it works out that my cpu is overclocked about 7mhz or something the hypertrransport bus is a little more but yeh) .. i can now use protools on the computer with no stutter so yeh hope this helps,

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