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Do kext have an influence in a Virtual Environment ?

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On VirtualBox XP i can run audio software fine, even using midi with little latency. But when using Mac i get a sound output that plays on half speed. Last weeks i have been looking into kext and bootloaders to fix it. But today i put the latest Voodoo.kext in and am 90% sure i followed the steps to take well, yet no go. So i'm starting to think that kext have no influence at all on how our MacOS runs in the virtual environment.

I installed Audacity today a free audio editor that i use on PC as well. And  at devices i saw that sound plays on the Core Audio [guess that is the internal Mac driver] and it uses PortAudio V19-devel as audioport. PortAudio is an open source free audio driver program. So i figure that this is part of VirtualBox and not Mac. So virtualBox is not using the Mac output port but it is using the VirtualBox output.

And if that is the case then no kext in the world can help us as audio driver. I think we Virtual OS users of VirtualBox need a way to link our output to mac instead of to virtualbox. THEN we might be able to use kext, now i fear their not connected to our system. That is why the guest tools help so well while using VM Ware Player. But on that USB sucks so you can't hook up USB Devices on that one. VirtualBox has rock solid USB device drivers, but on that one no guest support drivers.

Has anyone of you some thoughts about this ?

1 TIP:
Go/Utilities/Audio Midi Setup

Aggregate Device
If i put input,output and mic in there then i hear sound at good speed.
But after some seconds half speed again.
This function looks like a virtualization function of the audio engine.
Aggregate creates a virtual output or input, i dropped mic in there as well.
And then i sometimes did hear sound playing well, but it sounds like it is buffering.

Just like on youtube if a video wont load, So Aggregate could be a thing to look into
If there is no solution for this problem

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