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Trouble to install OS X 10.4.6


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I'm new on Mac OSX on x86 hardware, so I'm a little confused about the images that available whereever. So I got one of this (JaS_IntelAMD_MacOSx_10.4.6_install_DVD) and try to install it. The installation runs very quick and successful, but the restart will hang on the start windows of starting Mac OS X. So I compared the HCL 10.4.6 with my hardware and couldn't found any missing part, so that the os should run.

I looked at the "System Profiler" and found the following versions:


MacOS 10.4.4

Darwin Kernel 8.4.1

Build 8f1111


Is is right that there appears 10.4.4 ? Should it not be 10.4.6 ?


Hope someone can help me.





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