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Vmware emulation problems

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I've emulate MacOS x86 with vmware 5.5. The install part worked perfectly fine, and after the reboot it appears a black screen with a white cursor and that's it. I've tryed first on a mobile Hdd with a 7 Gb Fat32 partition just like in the tutorial. I made it primary after the install but nothing happened. After that I've tried to install it again on the Hdd of my laptop, and I left the partition NTFS. The same thing happened here too. A black screen with a white freezed cursor. I've emulate Linux too and it worked. I left the partitions untouched.

Laptop configuration:

P4 3.2 Hyperthreading

512 mb of RAM

wireless on board

sound on board

HDD - 60 Gb


Do you have any ideea? idea.gif

Please help me!!

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