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Toshiba Qosmio Install Nightmare!


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I have a Toshiba G25-AV513 and having nightmares trying, and failing dismally to install OSX86 10.4.6 from the Jas DVD.

The Qosmio has a raid contoller and 2 x 60 Gig Sata drives. I have installed using the Raid as two seprate disk's and, even disabled the Raid controller and selected JBOD (Just a bunch of disks)

The same thing happens everytime whicjhever which way I install. I followed carefully the steps to partition the disk as a standalone installation (WITHOUT Windoze).

Install seems to go ok but when I remove the DVD and reboot I get a Black screen with messages scrolling faster than I can read. When the scrolling stops the Qosmio reboots itself and repeats the cycle.

I'm really frustrated and completely F :sorcerer: d!!!

What am i doing wrong.

BTW I do a complete install less the language and printer packs. If I deselect the sse etc, all I get is a grey screen with the windmill turning nonstop!

Maybe it wont install on the Toshiba??

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