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wireless and sound issues


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hi everyone, i have some issues and i have asked alot of people, i thought id see if anyone here would help me out, or point me in the right direction.


basicaly i have a Toshiba M70


i have Tiger working on my pc perfectly except for 2 things, my wireless and sound card doesnt come up in osx


any thoughts


Thanks heaps everyone


ps: i know u prob get these kind of probs and hate it, but i realy dont know where else to go

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First wrong subforum, should be moved to OSX86 Installation


Second, I am not going to dig up the specs of the Toshiba M70, so please give more details.


Also have tried searching, instead of talking to people. The search button works wonders.


If it doesnot, use google with site:http://forum.insanelymac.com.


BTW the Intel Wireless cards donot work, yet in OSX. You might need to buy another one, check the wiki for details.

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ok, well i havent been around for some time. truthfully i had given up becasue .. yes i had searched both here in the forums and also using google, and i have found nothing on the subject.


im having a second crack at it. again, i come up with the same problems


the specs of the troublesome hardweare are as follows:



Realtek ALC250 Software Sound 16-bit stereo




Intel PRO/Wireless -- 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi and built-in Bluetooth


i would realy realy apreciate any help fixing these two issues, they are the only two preventing me from using my laptop comfortably, and efficiently.


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