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Yosemite-Zone Niresh console 1024x768 @ 0xc0000000

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I have a problem trying to boot into the installer.


I started with a [PCI Configuration Begin] pause which I resolved with pci=off.


But now I have console 1024x768 @ 0xc0000000 and nothing is working


Bootflags I tried: /amd -v -x -f -F GraphicsMode=1024x768x32 GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No PCIRootUID=0/1 pci=off ncpi=0x2000/0x3000


Specs: AMD E1-2500 with 4GB of RAM


Software: macOS Yosemite 10.10.5 (Niresh Version 1)


I need help fast! Thanks!

UPDATE: I scrapped Yosemite for Mavericks (Niresh distro) because of the high compatibility with AMD, and now I have "system uptime in nanoseconds: 0"


I know it's possible because it was posted twice in the AMD working builds with the same version of OS X.

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