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Help!I can't see the destop after 10.4.7 installation, I can see the first start picture and then... black screen!


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Hi, guys! Finally I installed mac osx tiger 10.4.7 (Mac-OS-X-10.4.7-AMD.Intel-(JaS)-ISO-Repack) , but there is a serious problem... :-)

10.4.5and 10.4.6 ran on my system, however, this version not!!! After installation I reboot my PC and I can see only the first start picture for a few seconds and then... black screen(I can hear the sound)! so I reboot again and choose WinXp

I've a JaS DVD Installer.

Intel P4 630 is my processor (SS2 and SS3 supported) and Intel Gma 950is my video card,sigmatel 9220 is sound card.

During the installation process I choose these patchs:

- Jas 10.4.7 [...] Combo Update

- intel SSE3 patch

- sigmatel 9220 audio support

- ati x1600 support. (I have a ati x330se video card ,but it doesn't work,when I reboot ,it is not black screen ,but all white screen) ,Could be this the problem of my problem??!?

- 10.4.7 Gma 900 support .

- NOT SS2 patch.


Any ideas to solve my problem? how can I do?


Help!!! Thanks in advance.


P.S. My English is poor...

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