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Patches to use?


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i have an AMD 64 x2 3800+ and with cpu-z i have SSE3


i have the 10.4.6 jaz install dvd but ive tried installing it with the AMD base patches and AMD SSE2 patches only, and one time with SSE3 as well. both gave me a kernal panic.


which patches and what should i do?


ive followed the install and the computer reboots after installation but i get the b0 error, after searching it up i tried doing the fdisk option, and changing the flag 1 option and it boots. then gives that panic error. this happens when i used only SSE2 and it happened when i used SSE3 as well


i tried all day yesterday, does anyone know what i should do?


and also when i installed OS X i used a separate drive and disconnected my original drive so there is no way i can mess up the drive i pointed to.


thanks for the help


i posted this on another thread and it wasnt getting replies so i hope a new topic will help

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