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Parental Controls and Secure Websites


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Enabled parental controls to limit adult sites, and now using the internet period is just a pain.  Id prefer parental controls to work on osx like they do the iphone and limit the bad stuff and not limit access to most of the internet (SSL, https, secure, etc).  Its almost every website i go to its asking for admin password to add to the allowed list, and even after, ill get pop ups for days no matter how many are allowed.  Amazon is almost unusable.


I know I can sit here and try to allow every website thats fairly regular, but that just seems like way too much work for something I should have a choice if i want blocked.


Is there a plist edit, or some modification I can make to allow secure websites all the time?  Ive searched the web and ill ive found is frustrated people upset about the same thing.  Parental controls are one thing but this approach is just a bit heavy handed.  I get the idea behind it, but really??


On 10.10.5

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