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I've never been so happy and proud after all the hard work / hustles / frustration / failures.. i finally got everything working (holy grail)..

Intel 4790k @ 4.7 Win10/El Capitan
Asus Maximus VII Impact z97 m-itx
Asus Gtx 960 Strix 4gb
Asus VC239H
Dell Monitor
HyperX Fury 8gbx2 1866mhz running @2133mhz OSX / 2400mhz Windows 10
Seasonic p660 80+ Platinum
Seagate 1tb Barracuda - Storage 
Samsung 850 Evo 250gb - Windows 10
Avexir V1 120gb - OSX El Capitan
Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX
Cryorig R1 Ultimate - Cooler
Cryorig XT140 - Exhaust Fan

Thermaltake Riing14 RGB - Intake




For more Photos



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Hi iosxnoobpro,

I'm having trouble with a hackintosh build using the same, could you tell me a bit more on your settings ?

For example, I can't manage to have the network to be recognize by the OS... witch driver did you inject ?
...same thing for the sound device...

One more thing : how did you get this cool image and the details of the hackintosh up on your system description ??? :w00t:

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