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[GUIDE] Asus P8Z68-V Pro+Intel Core I5 2500K

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Hello guys and good evening, I am writing this guide because I have currently nothing to do and I love to help other people!


PC Configuration for me:

  • Intel core I5 2500K
  • Asus P8Z68-V Pro
  • 6GB Kingston HyperX
  • MSI GTX 750 Ti 2GB Maxwell
  • SSD: Samsung Evo 840 250GB+ 480GB Sandisk SSD


  • Onboard Devices:
  • Intel 82579
  • Realtek ALC892
  • ASMedia USB 3.0 controller


Bios Settings:

I used the latest stable BIOS (3603 at this time) from ASUS

Make sure you're using the default settings (F5: Optimized Defaults). Also make sure that "Normal Mode" is selected on the EZ Mode. Overclocking can mess with the power management later on and led my hackintosh to crashes on boot (P-state Stepper Error 18 at Step 2 in context 2 on CPU).





For creating installation media use this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/305255-making-a-10101011-usb-installer-w-clover-uefi-and-legacy-the-correct-way/?do=findComment&comment=2122209

After you made the USB and you installed clover etc you will need to FakeSMC to 10.11 folder, without that it will not even boot so don't forget that! ;)

when your finally done with all the steps I just mentioned you need to boot using the USB, for me it was called something UEFI and then the brand of the USB

when you are finally in the clover menu you need to add nv_disable=1 if you got a nvidia GPU like me, the rest of the install is pretty straight forward and should not be to hard ;)


Post installation:

when your done installing boot using the USB, once again add nv_disable=1 if you got a Nvidia gpu like me or else it won't boot! (Credits to pavo for the picture! :) )

after its booted you will to install clover UEFI mode

 ifZvWuL.png e:

When you installed clover mount the EFI partition and add FakeSMC and the appleintele1000e kext


Sound: use this script https://github.com/t...audio_CloverALC, it should auto select ALC892, after installation restart and after boot enable in system preferences




Booting from Mac OS X SSD/HDD

For me, the drive where I installed OS X was not bootable (no UEFI option in BIOS). Thus, even after installing clover UEFI, I still couldn't boot into Clover without using the USB.


  1. Here's how I fixed it:
  3. Plug in the USB that you used to install OSX
  4. Boot into the Clover menu with the USB. You should see "Clover Boot Options" twice. One of these is for your USB (should contain \USB if you view the Boot Options) and then the other is for the drive with OS X
  5. Select the "Clover Boot Options" corresponding to your drive. Select "Add Clover boot options for all entries"
  6. Shutdown and unplug USB
  7. Boot and select the drive in BIOS, booting into Clover. For me, it was named weird (like "UEFI: Clover start boot.efi at USB...")
  8. Clover Boot Options -> Remove all Clover boot options
  9. Clover Boot Options -> Add Clover boot options for all entries
  10. Restart. Now I was able to boot Clover properly from my drive (option named "UEFI: Clover start boot.efi at El Capitan...")
and thats about it! If you got a problem don't forget im here for you all! Enjoy your brand new hackintosh! ;)
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interesting post.. and i need your help.

I have a similar MB it is an ASUS P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3


I created a USB key with High Sierra Install and Clover.

I managed to boot, install High sierra on a GPT disk, installed clover latest version and my bios is not able to boot from that disk.

It is not shown in boot option.


the installation added 2 entry to my bios :

Mac os X

but choosing both of them .. the boot fails

so i removed them from uefi shell of clover  with bcfg boot rm xx


Then i tried to follow your advice, the difference is that i see only 1 entry for "Clover boot options"

I first remove all entry and then add all entry.

But when i boot and choose boot option i see only the newly created boot entry for USB that has been called 

UEFI: install mac os x ..... (that was the name of usb shown in clover)

no way to add the entry for High Sierra.


If i boot from USB key and then choose High sierra on my HD, High sierra boot without problem.


How can i add clover to bios boot menu ?


Many thanks in advance


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