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Acer Travelmate 4202


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Ok, here is where I am at, WIN XP tossed, one partition


OS X 10.4.6 JAS

Eth0-works great

Sound-2 channel through the front speakers, all i need

Touchpad - works great, alt click, click on the pad just fine

All major apps appear to be functioning.

Wireless not detected, no response from front switch, I think im just going to buy a USB wifi stick

Acer hardbuttons, no function- not a big deal


Now where I am stuck


Battery, I dont think the OS knows its on a laptop, no battery icon and I get 2 hours tops


This is the critical one


**Fans** I dont think they are running. Bios is upgraded from UK ftp site found in another post, still a kiddy version of a bios. The fans spin at startup, then never again. The Phoenixbios advanced tab is missing all but one function, disabling the RF port and even that just beeps. I'm worried about burning it out.


Thoughts? Feelings?


Thanks in advance



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