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Applescript duplicate index control

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Dear Community,


I created an applescript to automate a daily system,


But i have some problems.


For example when i start to applescript it takes some indexes from emails from spesific id numbers. ( i take the index with copy method and i put it into  for example    i = coppied index (id)


I want to put all the copied indexes like  i[1]  i[2]     and for each time check if the id is the same.  if   i[1]  =   i[5]   stop working or something like that.


I am sorry to explain it so complex but main idea is this.


I managed to do something like that  but when i go for 200-300  it takes 10-20 min for each process to control each and it doesnt work properly somehow.


I need some algorith some ideas how to do it i can research all i need look on what, i dont have good terminology in english i am sorry.


Thank you very much for your efforts and ideas , i appriciate a lot.





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