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Have been trying to get my nVidia Card to work correctly in 10.6.8
Gateway 5446E 2.66Ghz core 2 Duo
So I am having video issues on my first hackintosh. Yes it's one of those weird cards(NVidia GeForce 7650 GS). I used another site to install & get 10.6.8 up and running. I had installed about a year ago and actually had all resolutions on the card working, then added software(can't remember what) and it borked my setup, so I gave up. Recently reinstalled again and noticed if i boot into safe mode all resolutions work(why is this?) and everything for graphics shows up correctly in the system profiler, but booting normally I get only 3MB vram,etc. I installed the nVidia OSX drivers(Retail_256.2.25f01). I tried adding the device ID to all(and one at a time) the correct kexts and even added device properties to both the chameleon.plist and the apple.com.plist(separately of course). Spending hours on different sites and trying different approaches no luck. If I use NVEnabler or Natit kexts it screws things up. looked on Rampagedev site,  I tried about everything out there still no luck

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