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list of hardware used in current-generate Macs?


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My first post.


Seems most people ask, "can I get my particular hardware to work?"


I'd like to ask the reverse question because I'm looking to build a new machine.


Is there a compiled list of the exact hardware used in the current generations of Macs? Mobo, processors, ram, hard drives, etc?


I guess the basic question is, if its possible to buy all the parts that make up an official Apple Mac, is there anything preventing me just being able to go buy a copy of OSX and install it on my new machine and being able to update without all the extra fuss?





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i'm just guessing based on the current mac pro specs, but you'd get in the ballpark of the 'suggested setup' with:


intel 5000v mobo

dual woodcrest 5150 cpus

250g seagate sata

1gig crucial mem

plextor drive very similar to 'superdrive'

an xfx video card with a 7300gt


just these things alone from newegg end up at 2362 USD without shipping (or case, etc)


with case, wireless, bluetooth, any other things one may need (peripherals?), one quickly ends up at or over the price of a macpro.


but a dual woodcrest motherboard and two woodcrest cpus is where to start. looking at 1300-2000+ just for that, depending on quality/speed of parts.


edit: to actually answer your question (sorry), i'd bet that you won't be able to find the same motherboards, first and foremost, and it would be a stretch to think it possible to just install osx from apple. my point in breaking it all down was to show that if that's what you're after, you may as well buy a mac pro. because you won't save any money building it yourself, and more than likely won't be able to just toss an apple tiger or leopard dvd in the drive and go.

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Thanks for laying that out. Yeah, I could build a pretty fast Windows machine for about the same price, but the firmware issue is the stickler. Thanks a bunch. Gotta save for that Mac.


(Saw the Mac Pro on the 30in display at the local Apple store. droooooolll)

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