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DVD-RW doesn´t read CD/DVD

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my Sony Q31A DVD-RW (Medion OEM, latest Firmware v7) doesn't read any CD/DVD with MacOS 10.4.8 JaS.


The CDs are recognised and mounted, but I i try to open a File from the Disk (e.g. .dmg), I get "no mountable file" or "input/output error".


Burning with Toast works fine, but verify fails with early with "unreadable block at xxx". Anyway, in every other Drive the burned Disk is useable.


Acording to other treads in this Forum I tried master, slave and single drive configuration, but the result is the

same. An LG DVD-RW works including DVD/CD read perfektly. And on Ubuntu/WinXP there are no problems with the read abilitys of the Sony Q31A.


Any further sugestions ?




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