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RAID0 and Bootcamp

Chris Colwill

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I was wondering if my MacPro is setup as a RAID0 with two 250gig HDD's, if I can install Bootcamp, and hence XP Pro?


The only reason I ask, was that for some time I was lead to believe you could not partition a RAID0 setup. I however see from the latest beta of Bootcamp that it appears to allow partitioning.


As an alternate option, i have a spare 250gig HDD. If I install that in the MacPro, would it be better for me to keep OSX on the RAID0 and XP on the third drive - i.e. are there any performance benefits?


NB I am an avid Parallels user - so I may in addition to the advices I receive from the above post, also install Parallels on the RAID0 drives.

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