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OSX 10.9 Install AMD A-Series processor BIOSTAR ( No Mac Required)


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First, Download Niresh's 10.9 AMD/INTEL DMG ISO copy, Then you will have to use a torrenting software

to get the DMG.  Download Win32DiskImager, and hit the small button by the text bar that looks like a file.

Hit the box that indicates what file type you are searching for, and set it to "*.*".

Go to your "Downloads" folder and Right click on the DMG File. Click properties, at the bottom of this box uncheck the "Read Only"

checkbox. Now, X out of the properties windows, select the DMG file, and hit "Open" At the bottom right corner of the window.

Now, click "Write" in Win32DiskImager, and let this load. Speed may very depending on if you are using USB 2.0 or 3.0.

I used 2.0, which took about half an hour. Be prepared for waiting during this install process.

Once this has finished, Shut down your computer. Once you see the BIOSTAR Splash screen, Strike the "Del" key to enter the UEFI or BIOS.

Select advance once in the bios, hit "SATA Configuration" and where it says "Native IDE", double click and select "AHCI" Or your Hackintosh WILL NOT

WORK. Trust me, i spent about 6 hours getting this working. Go to the "Boot" Option, and where it says "Priority 1" or something of that effect,

switch it to your USB Drive. In this case, Mine was Sandisk Cruzer, 14.9gb. hit F10, and then hit yes, and then reapeatedly strike the F9 key untill it gives you boot options.

Select your USB Drive, then double click. You will then come to a screen that says, Niresh Mavericks 10.9 and Windows NTFS. Make sure it is on Niresh Mavericks 10.9,

and type in exactly this, "amd -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes", you will then see a black screen with scrolling white lines of text. Don't panic, just wait untill you get to the select language screen.

If you do not end up there, retrace the steps one by one again. Proceed with the setup until you get to "Install Mac OSX Mavericks". Go up and look at the bar at the top of

your screen, and go to utilities. Click Disk Utility, and select the drive you wish to install OSX on. Go to partition, select where it says,"Custom Partition" Or something of that effect,

and select "Partition 1". Go to where it says the format of the drive, and switch it to Mac OSX Extended (Journaled). Hit "Apply", and let it do its job.

Once finished, hit the red dot at the top left corner of the window, and you will see the install screen. Click install OSX. Where is says choose your disk, click the one you just formatted, and HALT!

Go to the bottom left corner of the screen, and click "Customize". Click laptop, and disable everything in the laptop setting. If you do not have an nVidia Geforce 500,600, or 700 series card,

go to the graphics option, and select where it says "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" select it. If you do have a 500,600, or 700 series card, uncheck "GraphicsEnabler=Yes". now, click apply or done, and let OSX install. Once your pc has rebooted, take out your USB, and strike F9 on the BIOSTAR Splash screen. select your harddrive, then double click it to boot from it. you should see a screen that has your HDD option. Quickly hit any key. now, type "-x GraphicsEnabler=NO". If your PC Freezes at "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport"

restart and type "-s" when you see the prompt "root" type these things one after another


mount -uw /


cd /System/Library/Extensions


mkdir intel_back


mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelF* Intel_back/


touch ../Extensions


If this doesent work, switch the fourth line with the below,


mv GEForce* intel_back/


Leave the rest of the lines alone.

Boot using the same flags,"GraphicsEnabler=NO".

This worked for me.


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