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Installing Mac OSX 10.4.7 on ASUS W2JC Laptop

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Hi all,


I tried almost everything i know within my knowledge and i can't get it done ;)


I want to install Mac OSX on my Laptop, ill give you the spec's so maybe you can see what i have to do to get it installed and running: Click here


I got the JaS OS 10.4.7 DVD and it just wont work.


This is what i tried:

Installing OSX > with the packages:



Result: no boot, blue screen with mouse.


Tried to fix with:

rm -R /System/Library/Extensions/ATI*

rm /System/Library/Extenstions.*

kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions/


Result: no boot, blue screen with mouse.


Then i reinstalled OSX, with out any packages.


Then i got the "Starting MAC OS X" screen after install, all seemed to work.

But unfortunately it crashed, and crashed and again.. and so on.


Im hopeless right now, dont know what to do next. It just wont boot!


I did exactly 10 installations now, and all 10 times the same problem. no boot.



Does anyone know how to get it work, or maybe knows a 'How To' article ?

I searched the forums for +/- 2 hours, could not find the topic that fixes my problem :(


Hoping to see a reaction or possible fixes soon :(


With kind regards,



Sorry, posted in wrong category :(

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