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PCMCIA doen't work after sleep...

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Hey there,

i have installed OSX86 on my MSI Megabook S260 with the 10.4.6 Jas dvd

then i installed jas 10.4.6 > 10.4.7 "Patch/update". (i didn't install 10.4.8 cause i have some other probs)


pcmcia works find with my pcmcia wlan card and my umts card.


But after a suspend and wakeup the pcmcia-slot is unusable - it doesnt recognize my cards. :D ?


any idea?



from systemprofiler:



Funktion: Netzwerk-Controller

Hersteller: Unbekannt

Typ: CardBus

Hersteller-ID: 4704

Geräte-ID: 14480


p.s. is there a way to deaktivate sleep on closing the laptop-display (lid-button)

pp.s. is there a synaptics driver for my touchpad? i would like to use the scroll feature under osx too....?



thx and greets, flo.

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