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Asus R556LA Can't boot installer, + signs

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Hello all,


I am trying to install 10.11 on my laptop.


Followed http://www.tonymacx86.com/el-capitan-laptop-support/148093-guide-booting-os-x-installer-laptops-clover.html to create a bootable usb.


When i try to boot the usb, it says something about OsxAptioFixDrv (no errors) and then i got a lot of +++++++ characters and my laptop reboot..


My laptop have UEFI bios, disabled VT, fastboot and safe mode.


Asus R556LA

Intel 5200U


Intel HD5500

Some qualcomm WiFi adapter, yes i know it wont work. Need to replace it haha.

Realtek GB Ethernet adapter


Copied FakeSMC to the 10.11 kext folder on the EFI partition. Tried safe mode, didn't help..

Do i need to enable an other driver while installing clover?





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