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Clover issues


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Hi forum


In my hackintosh I have two SSDs, one for Windows and other for OS X. I used to boot using Chameleon but during this weekend I migrated to Clover.


In the Clover wiki it says:

If the Timeout integer is set to 0, hold any key when powering on to invoke the bootloader GUI.

Yet, even if I set the timeout to zero and hold a key, it boots automatically to the last booted volume instead of invoking the GUI. I want to get a functionality similar to a Mac where the machine will always boot to the last booted operating system but you can press Alt to show the boot loader GUI. Is there something I'm missing?


Also, I got a lot of problems to get Windows to boot. It turns out I had to turn off the Intel HD Graphics which is not a very big issue as I have an nVidia card, yet I would like to been able to boot with the IGPU turned on. The original issue was that clover would boot correctly, but after the loading screen I'd get just a black screen (much like in this video). How could I fix this problem? (I have a GTX 680 and a GA-Z97X-SLI).


Finally, is there a way to install the BootCamp control panel in my Windows installation? If not, is there something similar to that? Because I want to be able to change the boot partition before rebooting without the need to go in the Clover GUI.



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