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Any solution to Sleep?

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Hello guys. 

I'm using 10.10.3, but I have problem in Sleep.
Whenever my system sleeps, it seems okay until I wake him.
He start, lights all the lights, but the monitors continue with the black screen.
Any solution for this?
My system:
Rampage IV Extreme x79 - Bios 4901.
Core i7 3930k stock.
Video: Asus Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU II Top 3GB.
16GB Ram.
Fusion Drive.
*Clover Bootloader Revision 3333 
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did you tried darkwake=0 flag? also there is a few options in the bios you can try depending in your motherboard but i will start with darkwake=0 to see if you get past the black screen.

Hello iamtheonlyone4ever ... excuse the delay, I was traveling.
I was using darkwake, then I saw your post and moved to darkwake=0.
The difference was that in darkwake the computer returned from sleep, and all USB lit, but the display does not lit, was black.


With darkwake=0, no USB lights, or the monitor, everything is stopped.
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