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Upgrading GPU on Optiplex 755

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I have perfectly functioning OS X 10.11 hack on this machine.


It's used primarily for Logic Pro X (70% of the time), then everyday web surf, some gaming (Mac Native) and Final Cut / iMovie demo projects. In that order.

It has been all good until i jumped from 1280x1024 to 1920x1080 monitors. Now, it's all choppy(er), games and video editing, and CPU is much more utilized in some applications (YT 1080p videos for instance). 


I would like to upgrade GT220 to something that will still run on stock PSU (300W) and not spend too much, since I'm saving for new machine, but cannot tell if its gonna be in the next few months or a year.


Main contenders, for now, are second hand ASUS nVidia GTX650 and Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 (50 euros each) or new GT 730 of some kind (about 75 euros)...


I would like to hear you opinions, first if possible, on these two cards (GTX650 and HD7750), and anything else if comes to your mind!


Btw, im not using this PC for Windows or any other application rather than OS X.

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We sell hundreds of these in work every day. We generally use Radeon 5450 if you just want to add HDMI support, Geforce 610's for a slightly upgraded experience, or Radeon R7 250's which will run most games on medium settings.


We use the MSI version of the R7 250 as it's heatsink is the correct size to fit.


Not sure how it will run on a hackintosh.

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Hi Dook, thanks for your input!


When you said "we sell hundreds of these" were you talking about HD5450?

I don't think that HD5450 and GT610 are big step up from GT220, if at all..? 

There is advantage in much newer architecture and OpenGL platform, but thats it AFAIK (please, correct me if I'm wrong).


I would really like to have GPU able to integrate OpenCL and Metal in its work.


Was thinking also about R7 240/250 since @Slice was mentioning them in few topics, but he also said that 240 is not that good and there isn't much talk about 250 in hackintosh community.


Because of that, i was thinking that HD7750 and GTX650 are step up from GT220 (OpenGL 4.2 and 4.3, 128bit) but i still don't know what direction to take. 

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Hey, thanks @Codinger for your input.


I'm still torn between new and second hand purchase. There isn't much second hand geforce 7xx series on ads but there are some HD5670 and HD7750 that could work nicely (?).

I found this for 45 euros though. What are the opinions on this? Silent, ddr3  and 64bit, but supports OpenGL4.4...


Is there still any difference between manufactures in running it in OS X? I also found few GTX 750 (1gb, 2gb, ti, oc...) new for ok prices (120-140 euros) but then run into this topic - http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302628-gtx-750-ti/?hl=%20asus%20%20gtx%20%20750

Which, frankly, left me a bit worried.

The best bet is to buy EVGA (in GeForce camp) but GTX750 is double bracket card, so i would have to cut into Optiplex housing if i wanted to squeeze that in... 


Again, i will be using this GPU for OS X only. The most demanding games i ever play are Arkham City and Borderlands 2 (Mac Native). Everything else is music work, not important for GPU.

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Not the problem, i've booted everything from Mountain Lion to El Capitan with A22.


What OS X are you trying to boot?

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I ran Mavrick with Chamleon Bootloader. Then I update the bios A22 and wouldn't boot.

I run Mav on Dell Laptop. I made  many USB boot loaders,none would boot.

Tried Clover ,would not boot. Different bios settings.

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Have you seen post i left for you few weeks ago?




Regarding A22 BIOS, you need to reset to default values, and make sure that SATA Controller is on AHCI (except for Yosemite), disable virtualizations and enable Speedstep (not mandatory).

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    • By SAMEH209
      I've successfully installed High Sierra (10.13.0) on my system using Clover:
      2x Intel Xeon E5410
      16GB Ram
      GTX 950
      Everything is running fine except the GPU. I've tried the web driver's latest version and 378. but both are very laggy/sluggish.
      I've also tried installing Lilu and nVidiaGraphicsFixUp kexts but they didn't change anything.
      Have someone managed to make this card work with High Sierra?
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      My GPU is a GTX1060 connected via DP to a 4k display.
      Now, the issue, when i open an empty TextEdit for example, if i drag the corner of the window to make it larger, it lags more and more as the size increases.
      I also have Adobe Audition CC installed for my work, the interface is very slow compared to the windows version (my 2011 macbook pro is much faster, but it's not 4k).
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      I'm not expecting too much help, but if anyone has any suggestions, that would be great.

      I recently got my Hackintosh running on macOS 10.14, and went to install the graphics drivers for my Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti. My setup is a little different, so here it is:

      Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3

      Screen 1 and 2 are both connected to my 750 Ti, whereas screen 3 is connected to my iGPU, with is an intel HD 4600. The intel GPU works like a charm, just as it did under High Sierra.

      Now, I got the Nvidia Web drivers to "work" by removing any traces via the "Web Driver Toolkit" that others have recommended. I then patched the installer, installed it, rebooted, patched the installed drivers, and rebooted again, where the drivers are at their current state.

      This is where things get interesting though. All 3 monitors are recognized. My GPU is recognized in my system profiler. However, it is NOT able to be used to run a compute in Geekbench, meaning that GPU acceleration is obviously disabled. The other thing that doesn't work, is, well, the 2 monitors connected to the GPU. They are set to the correct resolution and refresh rates, and are recognized in System Preferences, and I can even drag things between the different desktops.

      But I can only see my cursor. The screens are totally black, and I can't see anything on them except my cursor moving across them. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks in advance!

      Asrock B85M-Pro4 Motherboard
      Intel Core i5-4690 CPU
      Intel HD 4600 GPU 1
      Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti GPU 2
      iMac 15,1 SMBIOS

      Here is a picture of what happens

      My clover and EFI folders are attached
    • By Abz79
      up guys,
      I've been hockintoshing for a long while, since Leopard to be exact and last week I replaced my Nvidia 9600GT with a brand new 1050 Ti...
      I have a Lion and El Capitan both were running fine before the 1050 Ti arrived, I read that my new Geforce needs new drivers that are readily supported by Sierra and High sierra.
      So I deleted Capitano and installed High Sierra 10.13 using Niresh distro. All went well and smooth and all my hardware was recognized the only problem left is this:
      My Nvidia driver "WebDriver-378." installs well with SIP enabled (aka 0x0 with clover) and after reboot the system is perfect with Nvidia web driver running fine
      However after rebooting the Default slow OSX graphics driver is loaded and stays that way until I resinstall the web driver....
      It's very annoying, I just can't make it work, I've been reading posts and tutorials for more that a week, nothing works, help is needed
      Things I've tried already:
      1. Boot using different clover revisions as old as 3911 and as new as 3509 (the latest)
      2. Tried with clover in the EFI partion and/or Boot partition
      3. Tried using different combos of nvda_drv,, nvidia webdriver, inject stuff (all possible combos in boot and graphics settings)
      4. Tried all available kext (Lilu, Nvidia fixup, Nvidiaegpusupport, NVlibvalfix..) single and combos - in clover kext folder and L/E folder
      5. Tried all different NVram recommendation - problem persisted even when nvram.plist is present or not
      6. Tried running the postscripts from the driver installer pkg
      7. Tried installing the driver via webdriver.sh
      8. Fixing permissions and what not
      And maybe other stuff that I forgot
      Things to note:
      When the graphics web driver loads fine KCPM kext utility works fine too but when the default driver is loaded KPCM warns that B0 and B1 SIP options are not enabled even though they are when I test csrutil status
      So I'm somehow thinking of a bug in Clover not applying the SIP restrictions correctly
      I don't know what happens when the driver is reinstalled that makes it work after reboot for 1 time only (I've went through all the pre post scripts in the installer and didn't find anything magical)
      It seems nothings works except reinstalling the driver - nothing else matters
      I'm almost pulling my hair - haven't faced such a problem since a very long time
      Any advice is greatly appreciated