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Mac + RAID + Windows?


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I have a MacbookPro8,3 early 2011 17" i7 with a "Intel series 6 chipset" SATA controller. I'm going to be installing 10.10 or 10.11 fresh on two 850 Pro SSDs using RAID 0. 


I only just discovered that Apple's Boot Camp doesn't support this configuration, however Boot Camp isn't the only way to run windows and was wondering if anybody knew a method to run Windows on RAID 0 on a Mac.


I'm NOT a windows expert and I think most windows users who use RAID end up using a hardware controller due to lack of OS support. There also appears to be a difference between Windows 7 and Windows 8.1


Microsoft refers to RAID0 as "striped."


Option 2 is to make a C and D drive and just make one the boot volume. Again, I don't think Boot Camp supports this, so I'd have to find another way to install and boot. 


Option 3 is to only use Boot Camp when I have my external drive connected. I don't have to lift a finger to make this work, but it will effectively mean I'll be plugged in when I need to use Windows natively (as opposed to using a VM). I'm kinda leaning towards this unless I can find someone who has managed to boot Windows 7 or 8 on RAID0 somewhere on this planet. 


(Windows 10 is the mark of the devil so don't even ask)


Does anybody have any insight on this issue? Thanks

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