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Boot error,Usb 3.0 and Hdmi

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Hi everybody,

I've installed Osx 11 on my desktop pc (all the infos are showed as signature), but I still have many issues to solve before being happy about it.

First of all, I use clover as bootloader but, at least 50% of the times I've that boot error when I start the pc or at least,when it load the main page, its showed 3/4 black for about 1 minute before getting showed normal..Is there any way to solve those annoying issues?

Another strange thing is that my system see the pc as mac pro,when the smbios is setted as iMac...why?

After that, I saw many guides to let 3.o usb work but I'm not that expert to let them work, same for my HDMI output of nvidia, so, is there anybody so gentle to help me by doing this?

At least most important things are:

- letting the system work properly by solving boot error and mac-pro issie

- having 3.0 usb working

Then if is possible letting hdmi work,but as last thing.


Thanks for everyone who is going to help me, here's all that can be helpful, like dsdt,config,10.11 folder and screenshots!



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