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Sort-of boothang, 'little stop sign' any ideas?


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Hey Guys,


So basically i managed to get OS X to install (although i lost everything on my hd!), the problem now is that my computer loads up darwin x86 then the screen goes white with the apple symbol in the middle, and the spinning thingy that means OS X is loading - so, all is well up to this point.


Then disaster strikes lol, in the centre of my apple logo (which is in the middle of the screen) a red sign which looks like a no smoking sign without the ciggarette appears and that's where the booting process ends. I left it on over night to find it exactly the same in the morning, with the little loading circle thing still spinning (note: not the colorful one but the booting process one).


Just some extra info: I'm running JaS 10.4.7 AMD/INTEL ISO repack on DVD.

I have re-partitioned my HD with only ONE partition of 260GB formatted in the Mac OS X Extended (Journaled).


Here's another Q, have i chosen the right type of format to instal the OS onto?


Sorry for all the blabbing, but i'm kinda at a loss without my emails, ebay etc.. nd my iMac G5 decided to crash 2 days ago :censored2:.


Any help would be sweet,



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