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Spare me the {censored} about using beta software etc., anyways, I was trying to restore my EFI partition like this:


gpt add -b 40 -i 1 -s 409600 -t efi /dev/disk0


which all went fine. This was a few months back. I opened the Vista installer and removed the EFI partition to install Vista etc, and this was successful, I had a dual booting system.


I launched the Boot Camp Assistant today to try and remove the Vista partition and it gives you the error message about reformatting your disk, etc. I rebooted into single user mode, viewed the table to confirm that EFI was partition 1 and typed this:


newfs_msdos -F 32 /dev/disk0s1


which came up with a load of text that I can't remember. Anyway, I rebooted to try and get back into OS X with option held down, and now it doesn't appear on the boot menu. Have I accidentally erased my OS X partition or what? And is there any way of recovering it? I hope it's just a case of confused EFI partitions or something because I don't want to have to do a reinstallation. Anyway, please help, I'm locked in Windows!

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