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Wireless cards not working

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I have a 5211 based wl-card, the vendor id is also 168c, dev. id is 0013, that's the info I got with regedit (windows) so I added this string in info.plist but the card is not being recognised.

I added the new entry directly under the 2 existing entries.

Are the existing entries for 2 cards or for 1 card ?

I'm running 10.4.6 from the goatsec dsitri.

The subsystem id is 730216ab, should I do something with this ?



I also tried a SMC 2802W card with gtdriver 0.93 and the gtdriver from totosoft, but in both cases NO SHOW.

At the moment I'm out of options, so if here's somebody who can assist me, I would be grateful, did a search on all the topics, but no succes

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