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OSX Vmware works on my laptop but not on my desktop!

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I done a little searching of the boards but to be honest this has me really stumped and I wonder if I anyone could give me some directions.


I have two computers

Dell Latitude D410, Centrino 1.86, 1 gig mem

Self Build, Intel Core Duo E6600 @ 2.4, GA-965P-S3 + ICH8 chipset, 1 gig mem


I have installed on my dell a vmware image of 10.4.6 (jas) and it runs rather well, ok it's a little slow and the audio stutters but apart from that.


So I copied the image over to my self build and ran it under vmware.


You would have thought that one vmware image would work on another computer but no! As soon as the grey osx logo comes on it reboots, works fine on the laptop but not on the dekstop!


Now I know there is a difference in processors but I cant figure out what it is.


So I tried to re-install a fresh copy on the desktop computer but it just says:


com.apple.boot.plist not found


Both same windows xp installs and both have the paevm added into the vmx config.



The question is


does anyone know where to go from here?


Many Thanks!

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Hmm, looks like active partition issues. I faced a similar issue, got resolved after dling JaS 10.4.6


The image would install on my laptop native & vmware, but not on my desktop, it would give probs in VMware and Native. The problems were either boot related or something else.


Also Takuro faced a similar problem, ask him.

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