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AC97audio driver for 10.4.6?


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hey all,


I recently put 10.4.6 on my Dell inspiron 6000. The spec of it is on this site: http://reviews.cnet.com/Dell_Inspiron_6000...7-31257675.html

Im assuming my sound card is compatible, and with a driver it should work, because other dell inspiron 6000 users have managed to get theirs to work.


I havent got wireless working, but I read somewhere that there isnt a driver for my card as yet, so i'll have to do without for now.


But, I'm having problems getting sound. When I first put OS X on my laptop, everytime it booted up, 2 errors would come up, saying that 2 '.kext' files hadnt been installed properly. One of these was the 'AppleAC97Audio.kext' file and the other was one I cant remember the full file name, but it was something along the lines of 'intelICH.kext'


I found a zip file for the AppleAC97Audio.kext file, followed the instructions for what to do with it, and after a couple of attempts, and after reboot, the errors no longer came up. However, still no sound. I think perhaps the zip file was for an earlier version mac.


Is there one for 10.4.6?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Brinoy,


Try this .kext file. you may want to add your PNP id in the "AppleAC97AudioIntelICH.kext"


I am on Dell600m and sound is working with this .kext file.


I am still looking for driver for my ethernet and wireless cards.


did you get your ethernet card going?


I attached and removed the .kext file, I was not sure about posting rules.

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Im completely new to mac, and know only a little about computers in general :poster_oops: so, um... whats a 'PNP id' and also where can i get that .kext file from? That was the other error that kept appearing, and I havent tried that .kext file before.


My wireless still isnt working, but i read somewhere on here that there isnt a fix for my specific card at the moment, although people are working on it.


My ethernet has always been working, and i didnt need any fixes or drivers, so i dont know what to suggest about yours :blink: sorry :S


Thanks for the help though! :D

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