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Strange problem with Airport


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First I will thank Jass for the releases of Mac OS X x86.

I have read some topics at this forum, but i can't find a solution for my problem.


If I install Jas Os x 10.4.7, I can select some options.

I don't have a GMA200 videocard and install it not!

If the installation is complete, mac os x says me that there's not an AIrport card found.

But.. internet works till I reboot.

Right. Anyway, airport doens't functional correctly.


I try the installation again, but now WITH the gma200 card.

It's very strange.Airport works!


Oke, the solution is to install the gma200., but it's not what I want.

The gma200 card works very slow at my laptop ( I have an Ati radeon X200 in a pavilion ZV6000)

Is there a way to solve this? Can I disable the GMA200 in mac as airport works, and how can i do this?


Right, i hope that you can help me :)





P.s: Excuse me for my English, I from Holland.

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