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Well first up iam a total mac noob and i must say the search came up with a lot of info regarding the issues i had getting osx86 up and running on my hp pavillion zd 8000 notebook


jas 10.4.6...update 10.4.7 then to 10.4.8




3ghz p4 ht

connexant ac97 (working out of box)

broadcom wireless (using a kext kindly posted)

80gig ata

tstcorp cd/dvdrw lightscribe

ati x600 dev 3150 m24 128mb (koverg and callisto 3 fixed) now runing at 1440x900) qe and ci all working

mobile power addon working

fan fix (no luck in getting it,fans always running)

buttons..sound control and wireless..work) rest dvd and music no go


as this is my first post i would like to extend my appreciation to all the hard working peeps who take the time

to help noobs like myself and say EXCELLENT FORUM!!!!


feedback suggestion ,a lot of conflicting advice about getting Xxxxx ati mobile cards working,clearer info on card models supported by each solution would save a lot of bother for some peeps,like me 15+ installs to get it right lol


Anyway great site...just to find out the best burning,torrent,xvid programs and iam converted :)

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