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please help to install on intel D946GZIS mobo


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I have purchased a new system for running OS X , but i am unable to install OS X and i am very disappointed.


I am using goatsecx 10.4.6 DVD ,OS X won't boot and it stops at Waiting on <dict ....


I have tried all boot options with no use. OS X works fine on my old system.


I tried to boot from old working installation but it won't boot , it stops at "Waiting on ...". The same hard drive boots on old system ( Primary drive , primary partition id=af everything according to installation guides).



I have edited kexts as indicated on forums for ICH7 and also tried disabling SATA, but the problem not solved.



NEW System:


Intel D946GZIS mobo with ICH7

Pentium D 940 3.4 GHz

Seagate 160 GB SATA


Please help me.


thank you.

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