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I used this guide: UM__s_Guide_to_OSX_Native_Install__9.7.05_.rtf.


I arrived in this point:


A. Type "root"


B. Type "<your password>"


C. Type "cd /"

( "cd_/" )


D. Type "mkdir mnt"

( "mkdir_mnt" )


E. Type "mount -t cd9660 /dev/disk2s0 /mnt"

( "mount_-t_cd9660_/dev/disk2s0_/mnt" )


F. Type "cd mnt"

( "cd_mnt" )


G. Type "cp -RLv CoreGraphics /Volumes/Untitled/System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationSer



I wryte in console this command:

cp -RLv CoreGraphics /Volumes/Untitled/System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationSer


but, parse a error :)

cp: CoreGraphics: no such file or directory, why ? :(

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K. Type "./ditto -rsrc /Volumes/Untitled /" (this command will not respond right away. it will take a few minutes to complete.)

( "./ditto_-rsrc_/Volumes/Untitled_/" )

i don't find ditto :)

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