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:Fresh Native Install 10.4.6


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Ok. Have been using windows since Windows 98 came out. Having trialing Vista and hating it. I am making the switch. Here's what im planning to do. I will list and publish any problems I encounter, and any solutions that I find. Maybe it will help other people. Who knows.



Mac OS X 10.4.6 (jas)



AMD 64 3700+, Socket 939



Asus A8N5X



nForce 4


Graphics Card

Nvidia BFG fuzion 7600gt PCI-E 256Mb



Generic PC2700 512mb x 2


Hard Drive

120Gb Maxtor 2Mb buffer

160Gb Maxter 8mb buffer


I plan to use Acronis as boot manager. And install Mac OS X on Partition 0, disk 1. Windows Xp on Partition 0, disk 0. Will let you all know how it goes.

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