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problem on boot


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After some problem with the mbr, solved by Hiren's boot cd, macosx look like to boot but after some seconds it appears an image like that at bottom of message.

what can i do?

is it possible to view boot/error log?


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Let us know what method you used to install (native or VMWare, or something else), and what your machine is like (IDE or SATA hard drives, AMD or Intel, what install DVD you are using).


The problem with the "no smoking" sign is the visual version of the "still waiting for root device" message you would see if you did a verbose startup. When the DVD boots up, you have a chance to hit F8 and choose boot options. Type "-v" without the quotes and you'll see that message.


I'm doing controlled experiments right now to see if there are any ways to get the install DVD to see my SATA drives as a root device. Watch for my experiences to be posted sometime in the next hour or so (hopefully). Meanwhile, search for the root device error on the forums here, you'll find a bunch of info, but maybe no clear fixes.

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Booting in verbose mode (F8 during boot and then type -s), you will see the "waiting for root device". 97% of the time, "waiting for root device" after installation means you have chosen wrong packages during installation.


During the installation, when you get to the window where you are to click the Install button, you must first click the Customize button and choose packages for your computer. Click the little arrow next to the patches category to reveal the individual packages. Select Intel or AMD packages, not both. Select SSE2 or SSE3, not both, depending upon the capability of your processor. Select the Combo Update to get the latest version of OSX. Select other packages only if you know your computer can use them.


10.4.6: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...ost&id=4249

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i'll try thanks


however boot log says

error mapping module file com.apple.driver.appleIntel8254XEthernet

can't map com.apple.driver.appleIntel8254XEthernet for loading

Can't determine dependencies for com.apple.driver.appleIntel8254XEthernet

error mapping module file com.apple.driver.appleIntel8255x

can't map com.apple.driver.appleIntel8255X for loading

Can't determine dependencies for com.apple.driver.appleIntel825X

Couldn't alloc class "appleIntel8254XEthernet"

Couldn't alloc class "Intel82557"


Still waiting for root device

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