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Hackintosh from a mainstream manufacturer Q's


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Hi everyone


I've been a lurker for quite a while and have stuck OSX86 on a couple of machines. It's not been all plain sailing and truth is, it's never worked quite as smoothly as the 'real OS X experience' for me. But I figure I might give it another try. This is where I need your advice.


Why did I try OSX86? It's not because I can't afford a Mac.


While I love OS X and the software ecosystem around the Mac, the engineering, reliability, service and support on Mac hardware STINKS. I had a rash of absolute frustrations with two Macbooks and a bunch of iMacs, and I ended up sending them back after a few months (that took a lawyer). I've still got the Macbook Pro which is a machine I really like despite everything, but it kind of staggered on from day to day dragging multiple minor but highly irritating issues with it, issues which I certainly didn't expect on one of the most expensive laptops you can buy. I sent it to be fixed, and out of the list I wrote ONE issue was fixed (the laptop was actually drooping on the right hand side. Drooping! ****!). In all my computer using life I've never had so many machines from one manufacturer exhibit warrantiable problems as in the Macs I've bought this year.


So instead of the Mac Pros which I was considering, I ended up going for Dell Precision 690s. I also ended up with Dell Latitude 620s replacing the Macbooks. As for the rest, I'm inbetween machines right now. And since I'm buying new machines, I'd like something on which I have the option of running OS X on.


What I want, ideally, is a fully working OS X implementation in the shortest time which doesn't break with new updates and which I don't have to geek over on a regular basis on hardware I have confidence in - Dell, HP, etc. Manufacturers which offer on-site warranties with reliable response times. Not like Apple, where they hang onto your machine for weeks.


Simply put, the *full* functional experience of a Mac, but not on Apple hardware but from manufacturers who better understand the true meaning of post-purchase support. Comparable nice looks would be a plus, but not a key factor.


First question of this thread and the one which every other question depends on: Is that actually doable with the state of OSX86?

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