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Unmute internal speakers with headphones on


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I had the bad luck of getting a broken jack tip inside of the minijack socket of my MacbookPro. I'm trying to get it out but one of the consequences is that the internal speakers are disables because there is some kind of optical sensor (AKA red light) in the socket that detects it. 


Now, at first I thought it was a hardware switch and it was impossible to change by software but I have a fact: **the Apple startup chime sounds through the speakers**. That tells me that the operative system itself (OS X) is disabling them at some point.


So! that it is, is there a way to activate the internal speakers? Even in a kernel level, "hacking" the OS, or editing some system files, I don't care.  


I have researched for a while and everybody says it's a hardware switch, but nobody seems to have noticed about the chime. 



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