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VMWare Player 7 USB 3

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I've installed Yosemite on a clean VMWare 7 machine, and it mounts my USB 3 16Gb drive perfectly fine.. much to my delight / surprise .. without issue!


However, when utilising Disk Utility to erase / partition the drive, OS X moans that it is unable to unmount it... and proceeds to error, leaving the USB drive unusable.


I can happily format / partition a USB 2 device without any issue..


The machine I am using is a DELL XPS 12 - and it's only purpose is to created a bootable clover drive


Can anyone help?

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ok, i seem to have got to the bottom of this (at least this machine i am using) by flashing the most up to date BIOS... and then turning setting USB Debug Mode = Enabled in there..


although not very obvious, it seems to make the USB ports on my laptop (all of which are USB3) function as if they were USB2... this is fine for my purposes, and disk util is able to unmount / mount again without issue


Something else i was going to try but didn't get around to was a USB 2 hub... I think that would probably have worked too?


If all else fails, there are decent USB 2 drive on eBay for about £3 ;)



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