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Any OSX Settings Slowing Processor down-lower than expected Cinebench processor scores


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Here is my system. Very new build. Have it on a second hard drive just to play around with-primary system is Windows 10

I have Yosemeite 10.2.2 installed.

My Cinebench processor score was lower than expected for my system and OC. It was around 604


Here are specs for my system. I7-3770K OC'd to 4.2

16 GB Ram

GB Z77x MB
GTX 660 2GB


On the comparison on the left side (where scores were at) a regular 3770 with a shown clock speed of 3.4 had a slightly higher score than I did. Around 610.

I downloaded CPU-X and I am not sure if it shows actual clock speed like CPU-Z does in Windows-but it was showing 3.5

Restarted machine. Booted into Windows 10 Ran Cinebench on there..got a processor score of 707. Checked CPU-Z…my clock frequency is 4.2 on there

Someone on another board is saying some kind of power settings for processor in OSX might be the issue? Any assistance is appreciated.

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