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can someone please explain how to...

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ok im totally clueless about how to sort out what i want to do,,

 ive got a Dell Latitude D530 laptopwith a 500 GB hard disc

( partitioned in 5 equal partitions ) and have XP Vista and Win 7 installed (were installed in that order)

what i want to end up with is Leapord ( as ive got the 2 discs 10.5.2 already ) installed on one partition and the last partition to be formatted so it can be read and written by any of the 4 OS installed

ive seen on google that Mountin Lion ( my bro-in-law has a mac) can format large drives as fat 32 so (in therory) that part can be sorted,

ive seen instructions on how to set up new OS but i cant find instructions to install the older OS on a multi boot system,

and if im correct with my thinking a boot loader like camelion wiould tidy up the boot sequence but is it installed before OS X or after??


so can someone please help me and push me in the right direction id be grateful

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