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Yosemite on a old computer


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Hi everyone,


i have try so many way for install yosemite on my desktop but i can't figure it out.

I want give up because i can't buy a real Mac and i need it for some development for start to study.


The problem is that i have at home 3 computer:

- Laptop vaio with 4 gb of ram and i3 but i can't touch his disk and format it, and with virtual machine don't boot and it's very slow

- Macbook 1,1 very old one, one of the first, and it's not possible to upgrade. It have Snow Leopard but online i have read that can't be upgrade more.

- Desktop PC with asus p5kpl MoBo and 2 GB of ram.


I want try on desktop to install yosemite because i don't use it and it perfect for study on desk.

Could i have succcess?

I have try many way, but o usb wont boot, or if boot i install yosemite but next don't boot from HD even if i use usb to select it.


Just tonight (3 AM here) i have try that:



but don't work.


Someone could help me?

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