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I dont know where to put this, but help. Mac Mini 1,1 upgrade from a disabled vet. Need help.


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Im a 29 year old disabled combat vet from the USA.

I have cognative disablilties and suffer from severe pain daily. Prior to my injuries I would love taking old core solo mac minis and upgrading them, updating the os and so forth. 

But as of late is been a hell of a task for me to even set down an think the way I use to... And honestly its depressing.

Im calling out to all of you for help. I want to try and re learn some old things and some new one. But vocational rehab at the VA doesnt cover this sort of thing.


So far I have manage to upgrade a Mac mini 1,1 firmware to 2,1. That much I can remember.

Upgrading the CPU, from a core solo to a 1.83ghz C2D was cake walk. But with jittery hands and many breaks I acomplished this.


Now for the OS challenge....

I have tried everything from SFOTT to modiflying the plists, and nothing.

Im loosing my mind.

I would LOVE to get this mac mini to Mountain Lion, but anything newer than Snow Leopard would be amazing.


Any help would be great.

Thanks for your time.


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